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Meet eWaiverPro

eWaiverPro began in 2016 when an escape room client that used the booking platform Bookeo for their reservations, inquired about integrating a digital waiver solution to get rid of paper waivers, speed-up and automate the waiver process, and collect more of their guest's emails and other marketing data.

During development we made a few posts on social media and quickly began to receive messages from dozens of other escape rooms that also used Bookeo; requesting access to our new digital waiver system... and then pet cafes, and then axe-throwing venues and then haunted houses - to now over 30 different industries.

Over the last four+ years we have processed millions of waivers and helped many incredible companies streamline their waiver process and increase productivity. In 2020 we decided to re-imagine the possibilities of eWaiverPro, and embarked on a complete, 100% code-up redesign, which you’re seeing now.

With the reality of Covid19, we have further refined the concept of touchless waivers by integrating many new features, including a QR Code generator so your visitors / clients / guests / participants can simply sign on their own devices to keep contamination to a minimum.

Customer experience and happiness is our #1 priority and we're confident that if you ask any of our clients about the quality of service they receive, you'll get a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review.

The new eWaiverPro 2.0 is faster, more powerful and universally compatible with nearly any industry or business type. More and more functions will be added throughout 2021, and of course we welcome any suggestions for new features.

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