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At eWaiverPro, we're more than just a digital waiver platform; we're your partners in transforming the old ways of using paper waivers into simple digital documents with workflow automations to improve your marketing and employee efficiency. 

As we like to say: Ditch the Paper and Go eWaiver

Established in 2016, we embarked on a journey to modernize and simplify the collection of waivers after a client approached our Founder with a need to eliminate 1,000's of paper waivers with an electronic waiver system that was compatible with the Bookeo reservation software they used.

After a few social media posts, word of eWaiverPro spread quickly, and we started receiving messages from a wide range of sectors, including escape roomspet cafesaxe-throwing venuestattoo studiostourist rentals, shooting ranges, fitness & personal trainers, campgrounds and more.

Today, we proudly serve dozens of different industries, a testament to the adaptability and versatility of eWaiverPro. Our dedication lies in providing a universal solution that eradicates the inefficiency and waste of paper forms, creating a seamless experience for businesses and their clients alike.

With eWaiverPro - EVERY participant who signs a waiver can seamlessly be synced with your helpdesk, CRM or email & sms marketing apps, automating communication and optimizing your advertising workflows. 

Our Legacy

2016 - 2017: From the drawing board to reality, eWaiverPro went live and soon after became the first-ever digital waiver system to seamlessly sync with Bookeo, a widely renowned reservation platform used by some of the largest escape rooms and axe throwing venues across the world.

2018: Our consistent approach and commitment were acknowledged as we marked the milestone of 1,000,000 waivers signed.

2020: Keeping pace with the evolving needs of enterprise clients, we went deep into a full code-up redesign of our platform in order to effectively scale with demand and future-proof our platform.

2021: Another feather in our cap! We celebrated the 2,000,000th waiver signed on our platform.

2022: Creating waivers became even more hassle-free with our major upgrade to the document builder.

2023: Taking integrations a notch higher, we collaborated with Zapier, bridging our platform to a vast network of over 5,000 applications, including industry leaders like Google Drive, Salesforce, Zoho, HubSpot, ChatGPT, and more than 200 booking and reservation systems.

Also in 2023 we simplified our product offering by including lifetime data storage, unlimited templates, unlimited kiosks, unlimited team members & photo uploads in all of our plans, regardless of price.

Leadership & Expertise

At the helm of eWaiverPro is our founder, John Robb. John is veteran technology entrepreneur with an impressive 25 years of integration, development and technology experience. His expertise isn't just confined to technology; he's a maestro in delivering world-class, 5-Star customer experiences and customer service.

But the strength of eWaiverPro doesn't rest solely on John's shoulders. Together, our leadership and customer experience team brings a staggering combined 80+ years of experience, ensuring that we're always at the forefront of innovation, reliability and most importantly - client satisfaction.

What We Offer
eWaiverPro is not just a platform but a revolution in digital waiver processing and business automation. It's easy to use, universally adaptable, and tailor-made for virtually any business seeking to digitize their waiver collection.

Vision for the Future
Our journey doesn't end here. We're constantly innovating and expanding our horizons. By early 2024, brace yourselves for our advanced contact management system. Moreover, we are on the cusp of launching powerful iOS/Android mobile applications with features like kiosk functionality, offline waivers, swift waiver lookup, sharing capabilities, and more. With eWaiverPro, the future of documentation is not just digital but also dynamic.

Thank you for entrusting your documentation needs with eWaiverPro. We're here to simplify, digitize, and revolutionize!


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