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About Us

Meet eWaiverPro

eWaiverPro was founded in 2016 by John Robb, an entrepreneur with a diverse background in technology, marketing and systems integration that spans more than 25 years. The idea of eWaiverPro came about when one of Mr. Robb’s escape room clients asked about eliminating paper waivers while still using their booking platform called Bookeo, which had no electronic waiver system available to it.Β 

After a detailed needs analysis, and seeing an opportunity to create a much needed digital waiver solution that worked with Bookeo, eWaiverPro was created with the idea that this one client would use it.

During the initial development process we made a few posts on social media and quickly began to receive messages from dozens of other escape rooms that also used Bookeo and wanted to eliminate paper waivers… then pet cafes (which we didn't know were a thing), axe-throwing venues, gyms, schools, sports teams, bike rentals, water parks and more - to now over 30 different industries.

Over the last 5+ years eWaiverPro has processed millions of waivers and is privileged to have helped many incredible companies streamline their waiver process and increase employee productivity. In 2020 we decided to re-imagine the possibilities of eWaiverPro, and embarked on a complete, 100% code-up redesign, which you’re seeing now.

Customer experience and client happiness is our #1 priority, and we're confident that if you ask any of our clients about the quality of service they receive, you'll get a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review.

eWaiverPro has become the most powerful, simple to use, and universally compatible electronic waiver system for nearly any industry or business type.