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COVID-19 waivers and screening tool

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Digital Waivers for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live our lives, but businesses have also had to compensate in a variety of ways to protect their employees and customers. You may have installed plastic partitions, improved air filtrations systems at facilities, and instituted new cleaning policies. Or perhaps you’ve mandated mask wearing and the use of hand sanitizer.

Most businesses have also had to find ways to eliminate frequently-touched surfaces, and few are worse offenders than touchscreen devices. Luckily, there are ways to institute touchless payment options and provide a wealth of needed information for your business online

However, if your business is one of many that utilizes digital waivers, you may also be looking for an option that delivers hands-free function. eWaiverPro is the solution you’re seeking. How can we help you protect your business during COVID-19 with contactless electronic waiver software?

How Do Touchless Electronic Waivers Work?

Our solution is simple. We’ve designed a digital waiver software that directly integrates with Bookeo, and soon our Zapier connection will integrate with over 2,000 web services and over 100 booking platforms to automate collecting signed waivers.

This means you can email notifications with waivers to guests in advance of their reservation and they can sign them on their own smartphone, tablet using a finger or stylus and they are electronically recorded instantly for your records. Even if they forget or fail to do so prior to their appointment, they can still use their own mobile device on-site, before they enter your facility, reducing the need to touch surfaces and risk contamination with our build in QR Code maker.

Benefits of our
no contact digital waiver system for COVID-19

Businesses committed to safety are sure to appreciate a waiver service that offers touchless appeal, and there are several benefits you’ll gain when you choose eWaiverPro to meet your COVID-19 safety protocols. For starters, when guests use their own devices, it reduces the risks of contamination and transmission. Even if you wipe devices down between use, it’s better to simply eliminate contact as much as possible.

You’ll also speed the check-in process when electronic waivers are signed and sent back prior to appointments, helping you to minimize the number of people lingering at the check-in area, filling out forms. With no kiosks where parties might bunch up to read and sign waivers, you can improve social distancing and quickly move people through to their appointments. eWaiverPro offers a secure way for guests to check in and send waivers remotely, increasing safety for all.

Branded messaging is important not only to protect your company against specific liabilities, but also to ensure a consistent customer experience. eWaiverPro delivers with the ability to fully customize your waivers and stay safe with hands-free guest check-in.. We use cloud technology that offers reliable access with built-in redundancies and delivers exceptional data security through full encryption.

At eWaiverPro, we understand that the right solutions not only have to deliver needed function, but work with your bottom line. You can enjoy custom electronic waivers with a variety of service tiers starting at just $14.95/month, with no per-waiver fees or other hidden costs to surprise you.