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Digital Sports Liability Waiver

Simple, Reliable Waiver Service for Motorsports and Rallies

Whether crowds are drawn to the growl of engines reverberating through their bodies or the spray of gravel as vehicles go flying by on the track, there’s no denying the thrill of attending motorsport events. As a responsible business owner, you need to protect your business, participants, and guests by choosing a waiver and release service for motorsports and rallies that ensures everyone involved understands potential risks and agrees to bear the burden of responsibility for attending.

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Keeping digital data safe is a must in this day and age, and eWaiverPro operates on a secure and reliable cloud-based platform hosted on U.S. servers and featuring full encryption technology to protect consumer data when you collect, save, and archive it. In addition, our electronic waivers for your motorsports events provide touchless functionality for safety purposes.

Simple, Reliable Waiver Service for Motorsports and Rallies

The best digital waivers for motorsports and rallies are ones that offer ease and convenience for your business and consumers. eWaiverPro provides electronic waiver software for motorsports and rallies that can be set up in as little as about five minutes and integrates with multiple 3rd party system. The platform works with any web-enabled device, providing a contactless means of signing documents via mobile device or computer with a finger, a stylus, or a mouse. Plus, cloud redundancies ensure reliable access and full encryption keeps customer data secure.

Custom Online Waivers for Motorsports and Rallies

eWaiverPro isn’t just boilerplate documents, but allows you to fully customize your digital waivers with multiple checkboxes, questions and initials, collecting valuable participant data. This is the simplest and most universal digital waiver system for motorsports and rallies, creating a customer experience in keeping with your brand and messaging.

Tiers and Pricing for Every Event

Whether your events are large or small, eWaiverPro can accommodate with options for electronic waivers for motorsports and rallies that meet your particular needs. If you’re hosting small, local events that require only a few hundred waivers each month, you won’t have to pay a huge sum for services you’ll never use. Are you planning mega events for thousands of fans? You can easily scale up at affordable rates. With pricing starting at just $14.95/month, you’ll enjoy a flat rate and no hidden costs, like per-waiver fees charged by other providers.