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Electronic waiver system for pet cafés

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Waiver System for Pet Cafés

When life gets too stressful, one of the very best ways to dispel tension is by visiting a local pet café to sip some soothing herbal tea and cuddle up to a lovable puppy or kitten. However, even if your pet café goes to great lengths to choose animals with suitable temperament, you’re still dealing with animals that could act out if they get scared or overwhelmed. This is why it’s so important to use digital waivers for cat and dog pet cafés, and eWaiverPro has the targeted solutions you need.

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Keeping digital data safe is a must in this day and age, and eWaiverPro operates on a secure and reliable cloud-based platform hosted on U.S. servers and featuring full encryption technology to protect consumer data when you collect, save, and archive it. In addition, our electronic waivers for pet cafés provide touchless functionality for safety purposes.

Customizable Waivers for Your Business

It’s essential to find the right waiver and release service for cat and dog pet cafés, especially these days, when touchless options have become more important than ever. eWaiverPro integrates with Bookeo and can be up and running in as little as a few minutes - and it works with any web-enabled device, for customer convenience.  Your guests can sign waivers using on their own phones, or setup a kiosk - it's up to you! This digital waiver software for cat and dog pet cafés makes the process easy for everyone.

Secure and Reliable Online Waivers for Cat and Dog Pet Cafés

Our fully encrypted technology is designed to keep sensitive consumer data secure, and the cloud platform used redundancies to ensure 99.99% uptime. In addition, we offer easy integration with over 2,000 web services and over 100 booking platforms, so you don’t have to mess with existing infrastructure when you institute electronic waivers for cat and dog pet cafés.

Flat Monthly Fee Waiver Service for Cat and Dog Pet Cafés

eWaiverPro understands that bottom line is always important in business. This is why we proudly offer a range of service tiers to suit every business, with prices starting at just $14.95/month. With a franchise-friendly design structure and multi-location discounts, eWaiverPro offers the all-around best digital waivers for cat and dog pet cafés.