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Online waivers for shooting ranges

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Online waivers for shooting ranges

Electronic Waiver Software for Shooting Ranges

Not everyone owns a gun, and not everyone who has guns has access to safe spaces to practice shooting, which is why shooting ranges provide such an essential service for those who love guns or are considering buying them. That said, even ample safety precautions may not be enough to entirely protect your business against liability. This is why you need a waiver and release service for shooting ranges that offers customizable solutions. eWaiverPro has the easy, intuitive options that can scale to fit your business needs.

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Simple solutions are ideal when it comes to electronic waivers for shooting ranges, but you also need customizable options that integrate with existing systems. eWaiverPro can easily be set up in just a few minutes and you can customize dashboards and waivers to suit your needs and provide a cohesive customer experience. Further, it integrates with over 2,000 web services and over 100 booking platforms, allowing you opportunities to automate notifications and prompt every group member to sign and send in waivers immediately following booking.

Electronic Waiver Software for Shooting Ranges

Electronic waivers for shooting ranges are designed to protect you, but that doesn’t mean they can’t protect customers, as well. With touchless functionality that works on any web-enabled device, customers can sign and return waivers from their own smartphone or tablet, so they never have to handle your device. In addition, fully encrypted cloud technology ensures that consumer data is securely saved and archived.

Secure Online Waivers for Shooting Ranges The best digital waivers for shooting ranges protect your company, as well as consumers. With eWaiverPro, you’ll enjoy cloud-based service that includes advanced encryption technology, keeping consumer data safe and secure when you collect, save, and archive waivers. Thanks to system redundancies, we also deliver reliable connectivity and access.

Competitively Priced Waiver Service for Shooting Ranges

eWaiverPro is designed for franchises, but it also works great for standalone businesses. If you happen to have multiple ranges, you’ll enjoy multi-location discounts. Regardless, you’ll always receive competitive, flat rates on digital waivers for shooting ranges, with no per-waiver fees or other hidden costs. Scale up or down as needed with various tiers of service and plans starting as low as $14.95/month.