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Digital waiver software for sports, teams and leagues

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Simplify your paperwork and administrative tasks with our Universal Electronic Waiver System

Ditch the Paper Waivers
Introducing eWaiverPro – an advanced digital waiver solution designed with precision to process waivers at your gun club or shooting range. Whether you're overseeing a single location or commanding a network of locations nationwide, eWaiverPro offers unparalleled efficiency, adaptability, and personalization. With our state-of-the-art digital waiver system, honed through processing millions of waivers, we empower you to streamline guest check-ins, simplify verifications, and extract vital strategic marketing insights. Uncover how eWaiverPro can help automate operations, curtail expenses, and elevate your customer's experience.
Simplified Efficiency:
Bid farewell to the laborious paperwork that hampers the efficiency of your range's operations. Our cutting-edge digital waiver system empowers your guests to conveniently fill out waivers and / or registration effortlessly through a QR Code or Kiosk upon arrival. This not only expedites the check-in procedure but also liberates your staff to concentrate on safety rather than grappling with heaps of forms.
Seamless Integrations:
Unleash the power of Zapier⚡️ to integrate and automate with over 5,000 apps and services to save your waivers to Google Drive or to sync and use your customer data for automated marketing, special event notifications or annual renewals.

Rest assured, our technical team stands ready to facilitate a seamless transition, providing you with a trouble-free setup tailored to harmonize with the operational dynamics of your range.
Enhanced Customer Experience:
Wow your customers with a seamless, tech-forward encounter. Our digital waivers are accessible from any device, enabling participants to sign them at their convenience. This convenience showcases your commitment to embracing technology and catering to the preferences of today's tech-savvy customers.
Eco-Friendly Approach:
Contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing paper waste. Our digital waivers are an environmentally conscious alternative that aligns with modern sensibilities and attracts clients who appreciate businesses with a green ethos.
Brand Modernization:
Distinguish yourself in a competitive market by spotlighting your range's dedication to innovation. Embracing a digital waiver system not only amplifies your public perception, but also situates you as a progressive establishment that prioritizes convenience and cutting-edge technology.
Comprehensive Data Collection:
Our system collects all the important info about the participants you need – like their contact details, emails, phone numbers, and emergency contacts, and anything else that is required to provide everything necessary to create a safe and customized experience. You can then use this info with your email or text message marketing software to easily send out promotions for future visits, invite customers to special events and promitions and stay in touch in general - increasing memberships and the bottom-line.
Risk Mitigation:
Safety and data integrity is paramount today, and our digital waivers are designed to gather crucial liability waivers and participant consents, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and legal complications. Every waiver is saved as a PDF in your account, saving a permanent digital record of participant consent enhances your liability protection.
Endless Customization
Our digital waiver system offers unparalleled customization with a suite of professional features designed to streamline your waiver and registration process: unlimited fields & questions, photo & license uploads, conditional logic, unlimited waiver templates and lifetime data storage makes eWaiverPro a truly comprehensive digital waiver solution.
Time Optimization:
Time is money, and our digital waiver system can save you both. Efficiently manage your guest's waivers through our intuitive dashboard. By automating the waiver process, you can optimize your operations, increase your staff's efficiency, and ultimately boost revenue.
Unparalleled Support:
We're not just another software provider; we're your partner in success. Our highly trained support team is available to assist with implementation, best-practices, troubleshooting and ongoing optimization; your success is our priority.

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