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Simple to use eWaivers for Cat & Pet Cafés

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eWaiverPro|Cat & Pet Cafes

Purr-fect Efficiency: Embracing Electronic
Waivers for your Cat or Pet Café

Ditch the Paper Waivers 🐾🐾
Welcome to cat café ownership; where amazing people hang out with (and hopefully adopt) adorable cats while enjoying some great coffee! We're proud to be a pioneer in pet cafe tech by helping you ditch cumbersome paper waivers and adopt simple to eWaivers. Read on to see how eWaivers can save you time, money and headaches.
Streamlined Efficiency:
Pet cafes offer a blend of relaxation and animal interaction, yet the intricacies of managing traditional paper waivers can be daunting. With eWaiverPro Digital Waivers, this process is revolutionized. Your patrons can conveniently complete waivers online before their visit, eliminating the hassle of managing physical documents. This automation empowers your team to focus on curating a memorable experience for both customers and furry friends.
Enhanced Customer Experience:
Wow your guests with a simple, seamless, tech-forward encounter. Our digital waivers are accessible from any device, enabling guests to sign at their convenience. This showcases your commitment to embracing technology and catering to the preferences of today's tech-savvy customers.
Comprehensive Data Collection:
Our system collects all the important info about the participants you need – like their contact details, emails, phone numbers, and emergency contacts, and anything else that matters. This way, you'll have everything necessary to create a safe and smooth experience. You can then use this info with your email or text message marketing software to easily send out promotions for future visits, invite them to play again, and stay in touch in general. This smart approach based on data makes customers happier and reduces the chances of making uninformed decisions.
Save Money:
Traditional paper-based waiver systems often come with unforeseen hidden costs; not counting printing, storage, and administrative efforts that can drain resources like a bunch of claws scratching against your bottom line. By embracing eWaiverPro's Digital Waiver system, you'll embark on a cost-effective journey coupled with the efficiency gained from reduced administrative hours; all which translates into a real cost savings.
Eco-Friendly Approach:
Contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing paper waste. Our digital waivers are an environmentally conscious alternative that aligns with modern sensibilities and attracts clients who appreciate businesses with a green ethos.
Seamless Integrations:
eWaiverPro Syncs with Bookeo the #1 booking software used by countless cat & pet cafés across the country. Our secure sync sends a “please sign your waiver” email or SMS after a reservation is made and organizes signed waivers in your dashboard by reservation.

Don’t use Bookeo? No problem! Unleash the power of Zapier⚡️ and integrate with hundreds of other booking systems to automate the waiver notification process, marketing campaigns and review collection.

Don't worry, our technical team is ready to help ensure a smooth transition, providing you with a hassle-free setup that aligns with your operations.
Endless Customization:
Our digital waiver system offers unparalleled customization with a suite of professional features designed to streamline your waiver process: unlimited fields & questions, photo & license uploads, conditional logic, unlimited waiver templates and lifetime data storage makes eWaiverPro a truly comprehensive digital waiver solution.
Brand Modernization:
Stand out in a competitive market by showcasing your cat and pet cafe's commitment to innovation. Adopting a digital waiver system not only enhances your public image but also positions you as a forward-thinking establishment that values convenience and technology.
Risk Mitigation:
Safety and data integrity is paramount in business today. Our digital waivers are designed to gather crucial liability waivers and participant consents, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and legal complications. Having a digital record of participant consent enhances your liability protection.
Unparalleled Support:
We're not just another software provider; we're your partner in success. Our highly trained support team is available to assist with implementation, best-practices, troubleshooting and ongoing optimization; your success is our priority.

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