Digital Liability Waivers for Tattoo & Piercing Studios

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Cutting-Edge Electronic Liability Consent Forms for Tattoo, Piercing & Body Art Studios

Ditch the Paper and Go eWaiver!
Welcome to eWaiverPro, your partner in modernizing the way you manage waivers in your tattoo, piercing and body art studio. We understand the unique needs of the tattoo industry and are thrilled to present our state-of-the-art digital waiver system tailored specifically for tattoo studios. Read on to discover how our solution can transform your operations and elevate the customer experience at your studio.
Streamlined Efficiency:
Ditch the cumbersome paper waivers that bogs down your studio's workflow. Our digital waiver system empowers your clients to complete their waiver with a scan of a QR code when they arrive, or via a link sent via email or sms before their visit. This not only expedites the check-in process, but also ensures that your artists spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on creating stunning tattoo masterpieces.
Enhanced Customer Experience:
Impress your clients with a seamless, easy to use and tech-savvy experience. Our digital waivers can be accessed from any device via link, kiosk or QR Code; allowing clients to sign them at their convenience.

This flexibility demonstrates your commitment to embracing technology and catering to the preferences of today's clients.
Brand Modernization:
Stand out in an incredibly competitive market by showcasing your studio's commitment to innovation. Adopting a digital waiver system not only enhances your customer-facing image, but also positions you as a forward-thinking studio that values convenience and technology.
Risk Mitigation:
Safety is paramount in the tattoo industry. Our digital waivers are designed to gather essential non-health-related information and consent, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and legal complications. By having a comprehensive digital trail of client consent, you enhance the studio's liability protection.
Time Optimization:
Time is money, and our digital waiver system can save you both. With simple digital waivers, your studio can focus on maximizing appointment slots and providing consultations rather than handling stacks of paperwork. This results in a more efficient studio operation and increased revenue potential.
Eco-Friendly Approach:
Contribute to sustainability efforts by reducing paper waste. Our digital waivers are an environmentally conscious alternative that aligns with modern sensibilities and attracts clients who appreciate businesses with a green ethos.
Manage Your Clients:
With our integrated Client and Contact Manager, it's simple to add notes and attachments to each client to keep their record up to date.

Copies of photo ID's are automatically added as attachments and embedded into each PDF to automate and simplify your workflows.
Comprehensive Data Collection:
Our system captures crucial client information, from contact details to health history, ensuring your artists have all the necessary information to provide a safe and personalized tattooing experience and to communicate with each client after their procedure for follow-up or marketing.

This data-driven approach leads to higher customer satisfaction and minimizes risks associated with uninformed decisions.
Seamless Integration:
Integrating our digital waiver system into your studio is a breeze, and with the power of Zapier⚡️ you can benefit from automated workflows for powerful email & sms marketing automation.

Don't worry, our technical team is ready to help ensure a smooth setup, providing you with a hassle-free transition that aligns with your studio's operations.
Endless Customization
Our digital waiver system offers unparalleled customization with a suite of professional features designed to streamline your waiver process: unlimited fields & questions, photo & license uploads, conditional logic, unlimited waiver templates and lifetime data storage makes eWaiverPro a truly comprehensive digital waiver solution.
Unparalleled Support:
We're not just another software provider; we're your partner in success. Our highly trained support team is available to assist with implementation, best-practices, troubleshooting and ongoing optimization; your success is our priority.

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